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Portable Water Treatment Plant

ICS Portable Water Treatment Plants are built inside 6 meter transport containers for easy manoeuvrability. These plants are able to be moved quickly to any location.

ICS Portable Water Treatment Plants have a proven track record over several years in New Zealand, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.


ICS Features and benefits:
ICS Treats water to produce a clean clear and sterile water
ICS Plant is full automated requiring minimal supervision
ICS Thruput rate with a choice of either 5m3/hr per or 10m3/hr per
ICS Able to meet the following standards:
ICS NZ drinking water standard DWSNZ 2005
World Health Organisation Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
MAF DIR D113.1 - Dairy Factory Water
NZFSA DPC2 - Approved Criteria for Farm Dairies
MAF IS3 Section 4 Potable Water
ICS All treatment chemicals supplied
ICS All necessary chemicals, pumps, tanks, instrumentation, and operating instructions provided
ICS Plant setup and operator training provided
ICS Useful for:
ICS Temporary accommodation or work sites
ICS Small municipal supplies
ICS Pilot plant for large new applications
ICS Farm water supply
ICS Many other uses

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