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We operate an IANZ accredited laboratory in Stratford, NZ for water and wastewater analysis, and for specific industrial and environmental applications. A comprehensive range of chemical and microbiological analysis are available.

Our laboratory is also involved in research and development of water and wastewater chemical treatments.

Our laboratories offer rapid, accurate services in the following areas:

ICS Water and Wastewater - Chemical and micro testing of treatments
ICS Industrial - Process applications and treatments
ICS Environmental - Discharge analysis and environmental affects
ICS Agricultural - Soils and herbage, spray irrigation monitoring
ICS Chemistry - An extensive range of chemical tests available
ICS Microbiology - Potable and industrial water
ICS Farm Water Testing
ICS Dairy Hygiene Water Testing
ICS Swimming Pool Testing
ICS Potable Water Supply Monitoring

ICS Water Testing

For:   House drinking
Stock drinking
Dairy hygiene
Swimming and spa pools

We will supply a sterile sampling kit, test your water, provide an interpretation of the results and will notify you of any problems found and advise you on any necessary action

We are Independant - We do not sell water treatment equipment

Rapid - All samples are tested the day they arrive at the laboratory

Accurate - 25 years water analytical experience

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