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ICS Eco-Tec   Water Treatment Plants
ICS Spectrum Micro Media Filter Spectrum Micro Media Filter

ICS Filter raw feed water with turbidity up to 100 NTU
ICS Produce excellent quality filtrate with turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU and SDI less than 5
ICS Nominal 1 pm filtration with a significant removal of sub-micron particles, colloids and organics
ICS Excellent pre-filtration for packed bed ion exchange or reverse osmosis
ICS Low installed and operating costs compared with alternative microfiltration systems
ICS Recoflo Water Demineralizer Recoflo Water Demineralizer

ICS Low installated cost
ICS Low operating cost
ICS Small space requirement
ICS Short bed height and small resin volume
ICS High throughput rates
ICS Shorter cycle times
ICS Rapid return to service
ICS High-purity water production without a mixed bed
ICS ECO-RO Reverse Osmosis ECO-RO Reverse Osmosis

ICS High water purity
produce water quality of >14 megohm-cm (<0.07 Ás/cm)
ICS Robust design
not sensitive to fouling, field serviceable
ICS Automatic response to changes in RO
permeate quality to optimize performance
ICS Minimal waste
small neutral waste volumes can be returned to RO feed for 'zero waste' operation
ICS Minimal chemical use
less than 25% of chemicals used by mixed bed systems
1-3 gallons per day for 100 gpm system
no permanent chemical storage use drums or totes
ICS Low operating cost
polish water for less than $0.10/1000 gal
ICS Simple operation
no need for double pass RO save membrane cost
no complicated mixed beds, membranes or power supplies
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