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ICS Portable Demin Plant
We have portable plants for production of demineralised water for hire on a monthly basis.

Each plant is an independent 2-train operation consisting of filtration, strong acid cation, weak base anion, and strong base anion.

These containerized, easily portable plants provide the following benefits:

ICS Water flows up to 40m3/hr per plant. Multiple plants may operate in parallel to produce higher flows.
ICS Treated water typically with conductivity <1 uS/cm, and silica <100ppb
ICS Plants may be connected in series to produce polished water to very low silica and sodium levels.
ICS On-line PC monitoring of key plant parameters
ICS All necessary pumps, regeneration, instrumentation, chemicals and manuals provided.
ICS Plants are easy and quick to set up
ICS Manual operation, with simple off-line regeneration using a skid mounted regeneration unit

Portable demin plants are delivered in 6 meter standard ISO shipping containers for easy transport and setup.

The plant has staff available to operate on a 24/7 basis.

Proven performance in a number of locations over Australia and New Zealand

For further information please click here.

All necessary chemicals / pumps / tanks / regeneration / instrumentation
and full operation provided

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